Sew-in extensions or wefts are a type of hair extension in which hair strands have been sewn together to create a small bundle. These extensions may be sewn by  hand or machine; hand-sewn wefts are generally lighter but more delicate than  machine-sewn wefts. Wefts also have to be sewn into your natural hair to attach  them. In recent times, they’ve become a very popular way to improve the volume  and look of your hair. They’re also very long-lasting compared to other types of hair  extensions. 

Can you DIY your sew-in? 

No, and we don’t think it’s very safe to do this. A sew-in is a process where your  natural hair is braided down into cornrows, then a needle and thread are then used  to sew down the wefts (hair extensions) onto the braids. Your natural hair is tucked  away with a sew-in so it requires very little upkeep. 

How long do sew-ins last? 

Sew-ins hold your hair extensions in pretty firmly so they don’t exactly require  regular removal and reapplication like other types of hair extensions. However, we  do recommend that you remove your wefts every 4 to 6 weeks so that the growth  of your natural hair is not impeded. 

How to Care for Your Sew-in Extensions. 

You need to wash your sew-in extensions at least once a week; twice a week is  even better. This is necessary to remove the build-up of oils and dirt from your  hair. You can also co-wash if that’s what you prefer personally. However, it’s still  best to use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to remove all the dirt from your  hair and scalp. 

Sew-in wash routine: Part your hair into 4 quadrants, twirl each into a bun, and  use clips to hold each in place. Run each section under warm water, fully saturating your hair. Gently wash the lengths of each section with a clarifying  shampoo from roots to ends, taking care to avoid tangling. Then rinse  thoroughly. 

A clarifying shampoo will strip your hair of moisture, so it’s important to  condition your hair extensions to add that moisture back. Conditioning will also  help with detangling. 

We recommend completely drying your hair after washing using a hooded dryer  or blow-dryer to avoid damp smells or molding under your sew-ins. 

At night, braid your hair or tie it into a messy bun and use a satin scarf or  bonnet to keep it protected. 

Only heat style your sew-in extensions if you must. Otherwise, keep heat use to  a minimum. 

Use as little product (conditioner, oil, or other styling product) on your hair as  possible. Avoid drenching your sew-ins with product as this will create dirt build up much faster. 

If you have a full sew-in weave, olive oil is a great product to use for moisturizing  your hair and scalp. 

If you have a leave out (natural hair that is left out to cover the tracks of your  sew-in to blend with the extensions), use your favorite moisturizer once or twice  daily to massage your temples, edges, crown, and nape so that your hair stays  healthy. Remember: keep your product use as little as possible. 

Besides your D.I.Y. sew-in maintenance, you should visit your professional  hairstylist at least once a month for a professional wash and style so that your hair stays looking good! 

Important: Give your natural hair a regular break and your scalp some time to  breathe. Once in a while, take out your wefts and wear your natural hair for a few 

weeks to reduce the stress on your hair from the braids and give yourself a chance  to properly take care of your God-given tresses.

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