Fusion or Pre-bonded Extensions. 

Hot fusion extensions are one of the OG forms of hair extensions. These extensions are made up of individual hairs and glue or keratin bonding material. Just like with  micro-link extensions, the strand-by-strand application of fusion extensions makes  them less detectable than other extensions. Also, if installed correctly, fusion  extensions should almost never damage your hair. 

Can you DIY the installation of your fusion extensions? 

No, these extensions have to be applied by a professional hairstylist with the proper  tools. The application process entails the stylist holding an extension to a few  strands of natural hair and fusing it to the natural hair using a small, heated clamp. 

How long do fusion extensions last? 

Fusion extensions are also popular because they’re a semi-permanent hair  extension option. On average, they can last up to 5 months. However, you will still  need to have them reattached at some point within this timeframe. 

How to Care for Your Fusion or Pre-bonded Extensions.

Washing is also essential with fusion extensions to keep your hair clean and  healthy. But following application, you need to give your hair at least two days  for the bonds to completely set in. No washing, styling, or harsh brushing. 

Fusion extensions wash routine: The main thing here is to wash your hair with  your head tilted back. The water should start on the crown of your head and run down in the same direction that your hair naturally flows. Slowly wash your  extensions from your roots down while gently working the shampoo (must be  sulfate-free) in, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid any harsh scrubbing as this can  cause matting and/or breakage to your own hair. Apply conditioner from mid-length of your hair down to the ends, working your fingers through the hair to  help avoid tangles. Then rinse thoroughly once again.

  • After washing, dry your hair immediately as fusion extensions shouldn’t stay wet  for too long. Do this by blow-drying your hair on medium to low heat settings to  avoid damaging the bonds due to excessive heat. 
  • Wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. 
  • If you aren’t washing your hair, it is important to keep it 100% dry to prevent  the bonds from softening and sliding off your hair. 
  • Your hair should also be 100% dry before brushing. Brushing wet fusion  extensions can cause breakage. 
  • When brushing your hair, use an extension brush or a round brush and avoid  the bonds at your roots. Brush gently to avoid breakage, starting at the bottom  of your hair and lightly working your way higher (again, avoid the bonds!). If  your bonds get tangled, separate them by hand—for the last time, no brushing! 
  • You can use heat to style your hair but keep all heat tools away from the bonds  of your extensions. 
  • Wear loose, protective styles like a low ponytail or a low braid when you sleep.  And never go to bed with your hair wet; you’ll wake up with a tangled  nightmare! 
  • Keep your hair out of intense sunlight with a hat or headscarf. 
  • Visit your stylist at least once in 2 months for professional maintenance. Your  stylist will tighten any loose extensions, replace the strands that have fallen out,  and carry out any other necessary procedures to have your hair looking  undeniably bomb! 

Important: The chemicals used in the bond glue can be irritating, so you may need  extra scalp care and moisturization to weather this.

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